Recommended Spirits Vol. 25 No. 08

Copalli White Rum


Belizean rums aren’t as well-known as their other Caribbean cousins, but Copal Tree Distillery may just change that. Their rums are produced from organic, heirloom sugarcane collected by hand and juiced within two hours of harvesting. Most white rums play second fiddle to their aged counterparts, but Copalli White easily stands on its own in the lineup. This versatile and engaging spirit is a blend of pot- and column-distilled rums that sees no aging time except for a short rest in stainless steel. The nose is thick and sugary with coconut, banana peels, and dried pineapple while the palate showcases a clean, delicate sweetness with an earthy edge that lingers into a crisp, cocktail-worthy finish. Plus, Copal Tree Distillery uses a closed production system that keeps waste out of the surrounding environment, making Copalli White good for the planet and your next rum cocktail.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alcohol %:  42
Country:  Belize 
Producer:  Copal Tree Distillery
Importer/Distributor: Southern Glazers, web page:

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