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Drink with the Fishes, 3 Gins of the Sea to Whet Your Fog Horn

Three Maritime-Themed Gins for that Last Beach Getaway


So, they say that the waters are warmest in September. Which is one of the reasons  I love heading to the beach AFTER Labor Day weekend – the other reason is because everyone has gone back home and to work or school,  and the beaches are empty.  You know that  Summer does not end for another two weeks, right? This leaves ample time to enjoy a few more gin & tonics by the sea as you revel in the warm waves lapping at your toes and dream of never having to go home.

Luckily, I found a few gins that fit the beach lifestyle perfectly. All are themed of the Sea and donate portions of sales to conservation of the ocean and its largest inhabitants: Whales.

Gray Whale Gin ($39.99). “Whale Hello there” said the card I received with the bottle, which is opaque and colored what I can only assume is seafoam blue. Made in California, with California botanicals that include Mendocino coast sea kelp and California almonds, and marketed by Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits, Gray Whale Gin is bright and flavorful with notes of salinity from the Mendocino Sea Kelp showing through other local botanicals and ingredients that include California almonds, Sonoma fir, Santa Cruz mint, Temecula lime and Big Sur juniper.

Fundy Gin ($47.99) . Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy is famous for having the largest tide fluctuation in the world – 48 feet on average, with extreme tides recorded as high as 54 ft – and Fundy Gin, produced in one of that province’s first legal distilleries, in Lequille, NS, is a rising tide in its own right. Made from 8 botanicals, including the locally hand-picked Dulse (a type of edible seaweed akin to nori), the gin is triple-distilled and passed over Bay of Fundy beach stones during production, which give this gin a salinity and minerality that wakes the palate.

Minke Irish Gin ($29.99). Produced at the venerable Clonakilty Distillery in County Cork and named after the 10th largest whale in the oceans – Minke whales average about 23-28 ft and are baleen feeders – Minke Gin Hails from Ireland’s Atlantic coast and portrays a number of interesting botanicals in the recipe. Lavender, cardamom, and citrus are all present along with the uniquely maritime Rock Samphire also called Sea Fennel which is hand-harvested along the coast in-season.

So, grab a couple of bottles of good tonic and a few slices of lime, mix a drink, and relax to the sound of the waves – or by the pool if you’re not able to get to the beach right now…

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