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Fabrizia Canned Cocktails and Vodka Sodas – New England Refreshers by way of Sicily


I’m a sucker for lemon. Any form, anytime. But, so often, lemony drinks, especially canned offerings like RTDs and hard seltzers taste, well, canned!

That’s why I was thrilled to taste these new offerings from Fabrizia Spirits, the domestic producer of Limoncello and other authentically Italian themed liqueurs based in New England’s very own Lemon capital (well, possibly, if global warming has its way) of Salem, NH.

Created by brothers Nick and Phil Mastroianni, who’s passion for Limoncello sparked a lifelong dream of making it on his own in New England from Sicilian-grown fruit, Fabrizia’s line of liqueurs are unmatched. We’ll get to those another time. For this review, we focus on the line of canned cocktails and vodka sodas these entrepreneurial siblings launched earlier this year.  

The Canned Cocktails (all are 7% ABV):

Fabrizia Italian Lemonade: a blend of Vodka, Limoncello and fresh Lemon Juice. This cocktail, created with real Sicilian lemons, is super refreshing.

Fabrizia Italian Margarita: a blend of Tequila, Limoncello and Lemon Juice, it’s got just the right amount of sweetness, and scores a direct hit on the thirst-quenching target. Try it with a wedge of lime

Fabrizia Italian Breeze: a blend of Vodka & Limoncello with Lemon, Raspberry and Cranberry juices. This cocktail reminds me of the classic Seabreezes of my youth spent in Preppyville, but with more flavor.

Fabrizia Vodka Sodas (all are 4.5% ABV).

These light and sessionable hard seltzers come in three delightful flavors – Sicilian Lemon, Blood Orange, Raspberry.

Give both of these lines a try, this Summer. You’ll be living La Dolce Vita all the way to the beach and back.

For purchase information:

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