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Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom Who Needs a Drink


Whoever coined the old adage “A Mother’s Work is Never Done” probably had no idea how much tougher it was actually going to get for mom. Today’s mothers are still managing many, if not most, of the traditional household tasks of a bygone era while also balancing the rigors of careers outside the home. Oh, and there’s also been that whole pandemic thing that added homeschooling to the “To Do” lists of millions of already overworked mothers. It’s safe to assume moms all over the world could probably use a proper drink or two this Mother’s Day. Whether your mom is the entertaining type or just needs someone to take the work out of her next cocktail, we’ve got a few gift ideas she’s sure to love. 

For the Mom Who Loves to Entertain

An Inspirational Book

If mom is itching to get back to entertaining, Which Fork Do I Use With My Bourbon by Peggy Noe Stevens, founder of Bourbon Women, will tell her everything she wants to know about throwing her next whiskey-focused cocktail party. From guides on how to conduct a proper bourbon tasting to food pairings, big batch cocktail recipes, and even bourbon tablescapes, this book is packed full of boozy, brown water inspiration.

New Cocktail Glasses

Growing up, mom probably told you to always make yourself presentable. Well, that should go for her cocktails, too, which means she’ll need the right glassware. The Dorset line of cocktail glasses from Williams Sonoma includes several styles to accompany almost any cocktail, from martinis to highballs. Named for the picturesque county on England’s southwestern coast, each lead-crystal glass showcases handcut fluting to give it that extra sparkle. Just like Mom.

Cocktail Accessories

For the party-throwing mom who leaves no detail overlooked, there’s a world of cocktail accessories to choose from, and anything from Cocktail Kingdom is a great place to start. They’ve got a wide selection of backbar goodies that any mom would happily show off, from their Finewell Bitters Bottles to beautiful Yarai mixing glasses and carafes, even a selection of punch bowls curated by cocktail historian David Wondrich. Surprise mom with one of these, and she’ll be able to show family and friends she means business before the first drink even gets poured.

For The Mixologist Mom

A Recipe Book

For the mom who is already a master mixologist or may just want to spice up her cocktail rotation, a cocktail book is a great gift idea. While bartending, even inside the home, is often viewed as a dad’s pastime, A Woman’s Drink by Brooklyn bar owner Natalka Burian puts that antiquated stereotype to bed, debunking plenty of other cocktail myths and highlighting favorite drinks from notable women. The book includes fifty different recipes, so there’s a cocktail in here for all occasions, from classics to new spins, single serve to big batch. 

The Right Bottle

If mom already has all of the appropriate cocktail making gear, why not surprise her with a new bottle for the bar? It’s hard to go wrong with Ron Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. While the bottle itself is an attractive addition to any shelf, the Venezuelan rum inside is aged in oak up to 12 years and packs enough flavor and approachability to make it an ideal cocktailing spirit. Notes of rich brown sugar, dark roast coffee, and vanilla bean will add complexity and depth to mom’s next creative cocktail. It’s an easy and delicious sipping rum, too, in case she’s running short on time…which she usually is. 

The Cocktail Companion

Having the right base spirit is only half the battle when building a cocktail, so mom can also use a cocktail-friendly liqueur like Luxardo’s Marashcino Originale. This elixir made from Dalmatian Marasca cherries has been a bartender’s friend going on two centuries now, so much so that pre-Prohibiton cocktail books used to refer to any cocktail that added it as “improved.” It’s a sweet, subtly fruity liqueur that adds an extra layer of unique complexity to any number of craft cocktail recipes. If mom enjoys daiquiris or classics like the Last Word or Aviation, this is a bottle she needs to own.

For the Mom Who’s Already Worked Enough

Just Add Booze

Mom has a lot going on, so as much as she may want to, she’s not always going to have the time to pick a fun cocktail recipe and flex her mixology muscle. Help her take most of the work out of cocktail cooking with a delicious cocktail syrup like Pratt Standard’s Old Fashioned Syrup. It’s made with a rich, dark simple syrup base and packed with flavorful ingredients like peppercorn, blood orange zest, lemon peel, and baking spices. All mom has to do is locate her favorite bottle of bourbon, mix, and repeat, if needed. 

A Cocktail Machine

If even a two ingredient cocktail sounds like too much work (and some days, it surely does), treat mom to her own cocktail machine. The Bartesian offers premium cocktailing on demand that uses recyclable capsules already containing the juices, bitters, and extracts needed for each cocktail. With reservoirs for four different types of base spirit and an extensive list of capsule options (available by mail via subscription), mom may have a hard time deciding which cocktail she wants to try next.  

K-Cup Cocktails

Maybe mom doesn’t have the counter space for a big new kitchen appliance, even if it can make her lightning-fast cocktails. Chances are good that there’s a Keurig coffee maker already hanging out in the kitchen or office. If so, Cask & Kettle is the perfect gift for the mother who just wants a quick, easy cocktail, particularly if she’s already fond of hot cocktails like Irish Coffee or Spiked Cider. The company offers those flavors plus some more adventurous options like Mexican Coffee, Mint Patty Coffee, and Hot Blonde Coffee. Each simple to use K-Cup comes complete with the booze already packaged inside, and mom can brew it as strong as she likes, depending on the day she’s had.

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