Recommended Vol. 25 No. 12

Nomad Outland Whisky


Sherry-finished whisky is nothing new, especially in the world of Scotch, but Nomad Outland Whisky takes it to another level. A blend of 30 different malt and grain whiskies from Scotland are aged in sherry casks for 3 years before being transferred to Jerez, Spain, the ancestral home of sherry, where they are finished for a minimum of 12 additional months in old Pedro Ximenez casks in the San Fernando cellar of González Byass. The result is a fascinating whisky that maintains its Scottish core while showcasing a rich, sweet Spanish element that you just don’t find in other sherried whiskies. From its aroma of marzipan, dried citrus, and maple frosting to a thick and syrupy palate of dark raisins, baking spice, and well-aged wine, this is a bold and unique whisky built for slow sipping.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alcohol %:  41.3
Country:  Scotland and Spain 
Importer/Distributor: Gonzalez Byass USA, web page:

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