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The Affordable Monaco: Canned Craft Cocktails fit for a Princess.


Making your own cocktail is a process. First, you have to gather all the ingredients, then you need to make sure you have ice and the tools to create one, and, finally, you have to actually make it while second-guessing yourself to be sure you didn’t forget anything. A fun exercise to try with others, especially if you make it into some sort of ritual, like Friday night Margaritas or Saturday night Martinis, to share with a loved one or friends.

But, sometimes, especially after a particularly long or hard day, it is just easier when someone else makes it for you. With the proliferation of available canned cocktails in the marketplace these days, it’s becoming easier to find a ready-to-drink (RTD) option to fit almost any taste or scenario without the need for going to a bar or restaurant. I recently found a line of RTD cocktails that covered the basics with delicious appeal – and didn’t take a half-hour to get in my glass!

Monaco Craft Cocktails, the all-natural next-level line of canned cocktails from this Illinois-based RTD and Vodka producer, is made for those who like their cocktails to have a little oomph and don’t want to pay a steep price to get it. Made with all-natural ingredients and premium mixers, the Craft line includes a vodka-based Moscow Mule, rum-based Mai Tai, and my personal favorite, the bourbon-based Kentucky Mule. All are mixed to 9% ABV (that’s two shots) and packaged in 12oz cans with an enticing retail price of $9.99/4-pack.

Monaco also makes two other lines of RTDs: a line of classic cocktails and another of Vodka Sodas. Available in retail stores nationwide,  on their website, or through

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