Distillations Recommended Reviews Spirits Vol. 26 No. 09

Baie des Tresors Martinique Rhum


From the French Caribbean island of Martinique, we taste Baie des Tresors (Bay of Treasures) rhum. Luxurious in its expression of Martinique terroir, 175 years of history expresses the complexity of these rhums.

We start with Plein Soleil, distilled from pure sugar cane and with no additives; it is a pure expression of the Martinique terroir. The nose bursts with aromas, from floral to wind-swept sea, yet it is smooth on the palate. Enjoy it neat or on ice.

54% Alc. by volume

Flowers on the Wind, on the other hand, is resiny on the nose, with less intense coconut, wild rose, and mint aromas. Aged at least 12 months in oak, it is a fine expression of the Caravelle peninsula. Enjoy neat.

49.8% Alc. by volume

From plots further inland on Martinique, enjoy Fruits of the Rain. The sugar cane emerges from a little higher plot near the Habitation Dufferet, producing subtle aromas of fruit and vanilla. Deeper and richer than Flowers of the Wind, it is aged 12 months or more in oak barrels. The palate is emersed in chocolate and spices. Enjoy neat.

50% Alc. by volume

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