Management This Month Vol. 26 No. 07

Kevin, the RestaurantGURU AI

An AI that can help you with your restaurant business.


Kevin, the RestaurantGURU on this page, is an Artificial Intelligence that answers your questions about restaurant development and management.

Start talking to Kevin by saying, “Tell me about RestaurantGURU.” Just chat (or talk by clicking on the microphone off button). Talk to Kevin the way you would with a human. He may misunderstand you at times (so do humans) but you will find that as you converse more the conversation becomes more profound.

Click here to apply to place Kevin on your website.

Developed by Knowledge Avatars, Inc., Kevin embodies the latest technologies in artificial intelligence merged with state-of-the-art edtech.

Kevin is trained by Kevin Walters, a restaurant management consultant.

Your interaction with the bot is anonymously recorded for training purposes.

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