Two AIs for you

AIs that can help your business.


Our AI family is growing.

Charlotte, the WineGURU™ is a virtual sommelier recommending wines according to food pairings, varietal, price, and more. If you are a wine producer, you will want Charlotte to know about your wine! Ask Sandra about how to get Charlotte to know about your products.

Some suggested questions:

  • Which wines would you suggest for grilled salmon?
  • Do you have wines from Croatia?
  • Can you recommend a dessert wine?
  • Can you recommend a tart white wine?
  • Do wine ratings matter?
  • Help
  • Click here to speak to Charlotte.

Kim, the RestaurantGURU™ on this page, is an AI that answers your restaurant development and management questions.

Some suggested questions:

  • I need a creative idea for Father’s Day.
  • How do I decide who to hire?
  • Should I fire the bartender who gave free drinks to his friends?
  • Help
  • Click here to speak to Kim.

Just chat with text or voice by toggling the microphone button. The AI does her best to give you sound advice.

Would you like one of these AIs on your website? Click here to apply to place them on your website.

Developed by Knowledge Avatars, Inc., these AI embody the latest technologies in artificial intelligence merged with state-of-the-art educational technologies.

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  1. loved the article …always nice to know just how celebrities start and how they climb up the ladder to be successful ….and the receipes are great …keep up the good articles

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