The Dozen - Bottle Baedeker
The Dozen

The Dozen – Bottle Baedeker

Finding affordable wines from around the world.


A word that still carries over from previous centuries, Baedeker was perhaps the original travel guide, so we will borrow the term for our 12 wines – all affordable – from various wine regions of the world.

Grab a glass and be an armchair wine tourist.

2021 Ottella Lugana ($17). Crisp, tangy, juicy – but not sweet – flavors of green grapes and crisp apples.

2021 Anselmo Mendes “Contacto” Vinho Verde Alvarhino ($20). Very crisp with lingering green flavors of white grapes, lime, and kiwi, medium body, somewhat tart finish.

2020 Vara California Albarino ($32). Nice green, floral and chalky flavors with a lot of dusty tannins – enjoyable.

2021 Cerro Chapeau “Castel Pujol Folklore” Uruguay Blanco ($22). Trebbiano and Malvasia blend – herbal green meets opulent floral fruits.

2020 Vara Spain Garnacha ($28). This is a simple, enjoyable Garnacha with classic black-raspberry flavors from a New Mexico winery that also makes Spanish wines.

2020 Vara Spain Tempranillo ($30). Creamy red-berry flavors with a touch of cocoa – pleasant drinking.

2018 Baron Philippe de Rothschild “Mouton Cadet” (Black Label) ($13). Fruity blackberries with some earthy notes, hints of briers, crisp acidity, and good tannins.

2019 Teliani Valley Georgian Saperavi Selection ($19). Nice, spicy blackberry and black raspberry flavors – somewhat concentrated, good structure, modest tannins.

2018 Baron Philippe de Rothschild “Mouton Cadet” Cuvée Heritage (White Label) ($20). Some hints of red fruit among the black, a little lighter in body, tries for elegance over impact.

2010 Kind of Wild Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ($20). Nice cherry fruitiness, medium body, slightly tangy finish – a pleasant food wine.

2020 Fitapreta “Touriga Vai Nua” Unoaked Alentejano Red Wine ($25). Bright, fresh, red cherries, lean and spicy with dusty tannins.

2019 Zuccardi “Polignos” Valle de Uco Malbec ($30). An interesting and complex bundle of flavors – dense but not heavy dark blackberry, a hint of leather, murky spices, and pecan-shell tannins. All this may not be apparent on the first sip, but trust me.

Prices listed are generally SRP or from As more wineries are shipping direct-to-consumer, check the winery website if you can’t find a bottle in your retail store.

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