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À Votre Santé

In this spirit of optimism and new energy, we got to work! Sequestered in our homes, we decided to give Santé a much-needed facelift!


It is a new year; the Coronavirus vaccine is being distributed, and in a few days, a new American President will be in place. Can you smell the freshness emerging from the thunderstorm that 2020 was? Yes, rainbows of many different colors are on the horizon, and we will arise stronger.

Businesses that have survived will find new purpose, and new companies will emerge from the vacancies left by those who, unfortunately, did not survive. I predict that the hospitality industry will rise later this year, burning with pent-up desire.

In this spirit of optimism and new energy, we also got to work! After all, what else is there to do in a pandemic? Sequestered in our homes, we decided to give Santé a much-needed facelift!

This is the third iteration of the digital version of Santé Magazine since its inception in 2004. Now that we are firmly all-digital, we needed to upgrade to take advantage of all of the great new technologies available and to re-emphasize the features that make Santé one of your favorite reads.

These features include beautiful photography, insightful writing, and insider knowledge shared from the hospitality industry’s best!

In the past, we won multiple Eddie awards by serving excellent editorials. We intend to re-energize today by expanding our editorial staff, building new partnerships, and increasing our syndication capabilities. We will be announcing these developments over the next few months.

2009 Eddie Award Statue
2009 Eddie Award

All that we do revolves around one principle and mission. It is for industry insiders to share their insights and work together to elevate the hospitality industry’s quality and expectations. Since our founding in 1996, we have been a voice for emerging hospitality talent. We have seen tremendous people come and go, and many have thrived. We will re-visit these pillars of our industry and try to benefit from their lessons. And, we will seek new voices, give them a platform to share their creativity, and learn from them too. Even an industry as old and primary as hospitality has to adapt to the realities of cultural evolution.

The pandemic is just a blip in the hospitality industry’s eons-old history. We will continue to transport you inside the eateries, auberges, and resorts of the world. We will introduce you to the alchemists who tease flavor and hedonism from the dirt, sun, and seeds. We will continue to open conversations between hosts and guests, and we will delight you with expanded stories from the most passionate producers on this planet.

Santé is a place for you to enjoy hospitality insights, but it is also a place for you to share your own findings. You can do it in the comments, or you can be a contributor. The only requirement to being a contributor is a passion for your art and a desire to share. Contact us for details.

So, thank you for being here with me. This is my sixteenth year with Santé, and it is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the magazine. We are celebrating both a sweet-sixteen and a silver anniversary! Celebrate with us by subscribing, following, and sharing with your friends.

As my ancestors would say, “Don’t drink without delicious food, don’t eat without a sumptuous drink, but most importantly, never eat or drink without friends!”

A Votre Santé!
Emiliano De Laurentiis

Lead Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash

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