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High Standards Are Meaningful in Competitions

A quarter century of knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


As you may have heard, we have launched the 2022 Santé International Wine and Spirits Competition. Why should you care?

The visionary Mark Vaughan founded Santé Magazine in 1996 and set out to create a peer-sourced magazine. One that restaurateurs wrote for restaurateurs. Indeed, it was social media before social media existed! Santé reached 50,000 casual-upscale to upscale restaurateurs a month in its print version and was widely read and shared amongst restaurateurs. Besides having won many publication awards, we have conducted numerous restaurant awards.

Today, we have continued this tradition. Our contributors are noted professionals in the field with deep relationships and experience in the restaurant industry. They have managed, started, succeeded, and sometimes even failed – but one thing is sure, they have the knowledge and wisdom to help guide this industry. We currently reach an average of 150,000 restaurateurs monthly.

Our content dives deeply into the products, the people, and the management of restaurant-related businesses. We introduce wine and spirits producers to restaurateurs who trust us to be honest and provide qualitative knowledge to help them pair their culinary creations with appropriate beverages. During our quarter-century of experience, we have seen the emergence of the celebrity chef, mixology as a profession, craft spirits, and an overall increase in hospitality quality that can only be described as revolutionary. It has never been easier and cheaper to eat and drink at a fine dining establishment – whether you are eating burgers or Fugu. And we have been there, leading this industry in our reporting and analyses.

All Santé International Wine & Spirits Competition entrants receive our judges’ detailed notes about their wine or spirit. Our judges, who remain anonymous until after the competition, evaluate each product blind. Winners are promoted in Santé Magazine and social media, ensuring that they receive the exposure they deserve. Just one restaurant can result in selling hundreds of cases, not to mention the cascade effect of introducing the product to the consumer, creating demand at the retail level.

If you are a restaurateur and would like to nominate a wine or spirit, please tell them about the competition or let us know, and we will contact them. If you are a wine or spirits producer or producer of a Ready-To-Drink cocktail (RTD), sign up now while the early bird special is active.

Good luck.
A Votre Santé

Here is the lineup of our expansive May articles.

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