Optimist Botanicals Lineup
Reviews Spirits Vol. 26 No. 04

Optimist Botanicals

Non-alcoholic spirits that defy conventions.


The introduction of any new product category invites comparison to the products it supposedly displaces – think meat alternatives. You may wish to do the same with Optimist Botanicals‘ alcohol-free libations, but that would be an unfair comparison. Our palates are accustomed to alcohol-transported flavors, which Optimist Botanicals is not. 

We tried their Smokey, Fresh, and Bright spirits and found them powerfully aromatic. Smokey was true to its name, while Bright and Fresh delivered various notes of spiciness and herbs. Whether the titles express their effect on the drinker depends on your imagination. 

We tasted all three with tonic water, club soda, or ginger ale combinations, tempering the perfumy nature of these spirits. Optimist Botanicals are an acquired taste, but most intriguing would be to try out the various recommended cocktails. The Verdigo, for example, includes basil, lemon juice, and egg whites. I am particularly interested in trying the Optimist Piña Margarita with its Optimist Smokey, Serrano, Pineapple juice, and lime.

If you’re looking for a bit of excitement in your drinking explorations, I’d say give Optimist Botanicals a try. After all, according to a recent Gallup poll, U.S. consumption of alcoholic drinks is at its lowest ever, and the bottle looks good on your bar. Optimist Botanicals, if nothing else, will stir conversation amongst the trend-setters and keep you sharp-minded to boot.

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