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A NEAT improvement to the Copita

A Better Spirits Glass


Hark, good sirs, and ladies! Let me regale you with a tale of spirits and glassware. For years, the tulip glass – or copita – has been the go-to for nosing and tasting spirits. It was originally used for tasting sherry on the wharf to verify its quality before payment. However, the high ethanol in spirits renders the tulip glass non-functional for detecting aromas. Glass manufacturers continue to use this design, perpetuating high ethanol concentration, quickly numbing olfactory senses. But there is a better way! A new glass has been created, combining both shapes to create a design that separates nose-numbing ethanol from character aromas.

With a neck that begins the separation process and controlled divergence that dissipates volatile alcohol to the outer rim, the new glass allows for the detection of all the spirit’s subtle aromas. The NEAT spirits glass provides more complex character aromas for evaluation. It displays all aromas without the alcohol smell, making it a better option than the tulip glass for nosing and tasting spirits.

For more information, go to The NEAT glass website.

1 comment on “A NEAT improvement to the Copita

  1. The Neat is our goto for sipping cask strength and overproof spirits; and our goto for nosing all spirits…cheers !

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