Col Solare, a partnership between two important and revered wine producers, Washington states Chateau Ste. Michelle and Italy’s (Tuscany) Marchesi Antinori. Their goal, together, is to produce world-class wine using the finest grapes and viniculture available. Each wine in its portfolio is tailored to the characteristics of each vintage. These three wines are fine examples of what an international syndicate can achieve.

2018 Col Solare Component Collection Malbec Red Mountain Estate Vineyard 

If you closed your eyes, you would be in Argentina. This youthful deep purple Malbec delivered a tour de force with fresh acidity, grippy tannins, and a splash of red fruit layered over dusty cocoa, oak, vanilla, and stewed prunes on the nose. Spice, black tea, ripe blueberries, vegetal notes, and green pepper danced on the palate. Spicy food, hard-aged cheese, beef, and poultry make sound food pairing options. This young, high-alcohol Malbec can be consumed now or cellared for the future.


2017 Col Solare Component Collection Cabernet Franc Estate Vineyards Red Mountain  

Aged 22 months in new French Oak, this 14.5% Cabernet Franc is rich in flavor with dominant black fruit notes mixed with earthy elements of leather and smoke. This wine is full-bodied, and high in acidity with a powerful long, and memorable finish. This is a perfect example of a wine that evolves over a number of hours.


2018 Col Solare  Cabernet Sauvignon Red Mountain  

Concentrated and vibrantly intense, this full-bodied red exhibits elegance in a bottle at such a young age. Soft tannins dance in the lively mix of smoky oak and rich, dark, juicy fruit on the palate. Outstanding quality that can only gain in years to come. $85 


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