Publisher's Plate Vol. 26 No. 04

Praying for Earth

Earth Day

April is a holy month, with Ramadan, Vaisakhi, Mahavir Jayanti, Pesach (Passover), and Easter, to name a few. It is a month to gather with friends and family to celebrate our shared beliefs. If we look at the messages of different religions and cultures, we can see more commonalities than differences. Fundamentally all people seek happiness for themselves and their loved ones. Perhaps we disagree on how to achieve happiness, or even what happiness means, or how to give meaning to our lives, but one thing is sure – if your home is not healthy, then you cannot be either. Earth is our shared home, so as we celebrate this month with friends and family, let’s contemplate a little deeper about what part we can do to achieve a healthier planet.

We are in an industry that makes beautiful concoctions from life on Earth. This month, we review some of the people and our products revolving around April’s themes of religion, community, and Earth.

Here’s this month’s roundup of articles:

Melanie’s Fabulous Finds: Salt from the Kalahari Desert

Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye: A Truly Revolutionary Cocktail in a Bottle

The Ransom Report: Global Gins That Are Worth Your Attention

Barone Montalto Pinot Grigio IGT

Penelope Pitstop: This American Light Whiskey Deserves the Checkered Flag

Living With The Land

Support Careers through Culinary Arts Program-NYC Fundraiser

Parsley Takes Center Stage in this Salad

The Significance of Eating Dates During Ramadan

Earth Day April 22 –Reduce Food Waste; Embrace Sustainability

Gin and Tonic Canned Cocktails Shine Bright

Lamb and Date Tagine

A Dining Gem Amid the Towers of San Gimignano, Italy

With its first edition, Sana Slow Wine Fair sends a clear message: let water and soil be at the core of the ecological transition.

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