This Month Vol. 27 No. 11

Can a Robot Give Good Wine Knowledge and Advice?


Here is a typical conversation with Charlotte, the WineGURU.

User: What wine should I drink with turkey
Charlotte: Bigger, creamier whites have the body to stand up to bigger, creamier flavors. Generally speaking, rich whites are less acidic and play well with a variety of leaner meats such as pork loin or chicken. Example varieties include Chardonnay, Viognier, Roussanne, and Marsanne. Food pairings include soft cheese, starches, fish, rich fish, and white meat.

User: What do you know of Otronia Pinot Noir Patagonia Argentina 2020
Charlotte: Ah, the Otronia Pinot Noir! A hidden gem from Patagonia, Argentina. It’s noted for its vibrant acidity, reflecting the cool climate of its origin. The 2020 vintage particularly offers a delicate balance of fruitiness and earthy notes. Expect hints of cherry and blackberry, complemented by subtle oak undertones. It’s an excellent choice if you enjoy a robust yet well-balanced Pinot Noir!

Charlotte, the WineGURU AI, can be trained to recommend your wines above the thousands of other wines in her database. She is being distributed in retail stores and restaurants everywhere. Soon, you will see her on restaurant menus and posters wherever wine is sold.

Please click here to test her. What do you think? Is she giving you good answers?

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