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Latin Gin Collection

Art Deco bottles and unique attributes bring freshness to gin.


A new addition to the gin category, the Latin Gin Collection comprises four distinct bottlings, each with unique attributes. Their Art Deco bottles and high Italian production standards set them apart from other new players in this decidedly crowded field.

Latin Beach Premium

Smooth on the palate, with juniper, grapefruit, lemon, fresh botanicals, and tropical fruit notes. Clean aftertaste with medium heat on the finish. Excellent base for any gin-based cocktail, especially the martini.

41% alcohol
Retail price: $49.00

Latin Beach Secco

Soft aromas and quite a warm juniper and spice flavors on the palate. Fashioned in the London dry style, clean and crisp, this gin offers touches of citrus and light spice. Drink on the rocks or in a simple classic cocktail.

42% alcohol
Retail price: $49.00

Latin Spice

Full flavored and warm on the palate, with an abundance of bright juniper berry, citrus peel, cardamom, and cassia, all set off by a just-right dose of pepper chili. This gin is a great base for savory cocktails.

42% alcohol
Retail price: $49.00

Latin Lover

This wonderfully fruit-driven gin offers a bouquet of enticing aromas and flavors, with strawberry, citrus peel, juniper, mint, and elderberry. Its long, smooth finish ends with a note of ginger and licorice. Truly delightful!

37.5% alcohol Retail Price $49.00

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1 comment on “Latin Gin Collection

  1. Sherrie S

    Just tried Latin Lover Gin with Prosecco, so good! Thanks for bringing this gin to my attention.
    Sherrie S.

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