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Lorenzi Estate 2020 Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands


The 2020 Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands is a superb wine that demonstrates the heights that California Pinot Noir can achieve. Its dark, dusty, ruby color sets the stage for a complex and elegant tasting experience. On the nose, the wine exudes a beautiful bouquet of dried cherries, caramel creme, roasted almonds, and hints of leather, which leads to a silky, vibrant, dry-yet-fruity medium body on the palate.

This Pinot Noir is characterized by a masterful balance and structure that reveals itself with each sip. The flavors of chocolate cake, coconut-pecan frosting, kirsch, and hints of mint come together harmoniously to deliver a graceful and subtle finish. The moderate oak flavor complements rather than dominates the wine, making it a pleasure to drink.

The wine is bursting with energy and life on the palate, and its fleshy character reflects the fantastic growing region that it comes from. The bright fruit aromas of this wine are accented with herbs and spice, making it a true delight for the senses.

This Pinot Noir would pair beautifully with roasted duck breast or lamb chops with a cherry reduction sauce. Its acidity and fruit flavors would also complement grilled salmon or mushroom risotto. Overall, the 2020 Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands is a stunning wine that is sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

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