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Low and No Alcohol Options with Added Benefits to Boost Your Well Being

Alcohol with benefits feature

Committing to Dry January is one of the top New Year Resolutions every year, and it gives those who imbibe an opportunity to evaluate their relationship with alcohol. Some might choose to completely cut out alcohol, while others may reduce their intake to achieve a healthier lifestyle. In the past, you could replace your drink of choice with sparkling water or perhaps a Heineken 0.0. In 2023, you can now easily find an alcohol-removed Sauvignon Blanc or even a smoky mezcal sans booze. 

It’s incredible that alcohol-free and low-alcohol wine, beer, and spirits are so readily available; now, there are even entire bars dedicated to these options. However, I have one issue with many of these alternative spirits, beers, and wines I have tried: they lack the edge alcohol provides. Many blend fruit juices, sparkling water, and teas and fall flat on flavor. 

Alcohol has complexity; it not only has a deep flavor profile but also provides an altered state of being that is desirable to many. For those looking to completely eliminate alcohol or cut down on their consumption, there are, luckily, some companies that are elevating the low and no-alcohol category to the next level. Here are three companies that have crafted alternative alcoholic beverages with added benefits: 

GABA Spirits

In order to provide both a rich flavor and a feeling, a company called GABA Spirits uses a concoction of herbs for its alcohol spirit called SENTIA. According to the company, “SENTIA contains ingredients known to enhance your brain’s natural GABA, which is thought to be why alcohol is so popular. The experience is renowned for a sense of lightness and relaxation”. Some of the key botanical ingredients include tulsi, linden, passion flower, ashwagandha, and damiana, and the spirit is described as having heady floral aromatics with a bittersweet spiced berry flavor.

The Fungtional Brew Company

One of the worst things about alcohol (there are a lot) is how bad you feel after a heavy night of drinking, which also leads to a decrease in immune system functioning. The Fungtional Brew Company strives to actually increase your immune system power with its’ 0.5% beer brewed with functional mushrooms. The UK-based company offers three styles of beer, each infused with different mushrooms, including a lion’s mane IPA, reishi citra hop, shiitake dark lager, and a chaga lager. Last year, The Fungtional Brew Company won Gold in European Beer Challenge and was featured in CAMRA’s Worlds greatest beers.

Pulp Culture x The Every Company

Of course, food technology and precision fermentation had to sneak their way into the alcoholic beverage industry. The Every Company produces animal-free egg protein through the fermentation of yeast and sugar. It has partnered with Pulp Culture to craft what is possibly the world’s first protein-boosted alcoholic beverage. Pulp Culture already offers a unique line of adaptogen-infused, fresh-pressed juices brewed via wild fermentation. This newest collab product, called BUILD, is made with a mixture of cold-pressed pineapple juice, coconut, vanilla, cordyceps, ashwagandha, and The Every Company’s animal-free egg protein, which provides 5 grams of protein per drink.  

Avoiding alcohol or reducing your consumption of it already boasts many positives – more energy, no hangovers, brighter skin, and improved mental health. Now, thanks to innovative companies like these, you can enjoy all of the above, plus even more benefits for your well-being.

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