Publisher's Plate Vol. 26 No. 02

Mardi Gras Inspires

Mardi Gras Woman in Feathers

Mardi Gras started on January 6th. We bring you closer to Mardi Gras by looking at the nuances of king cake, the centerpiece pastry for Mardi Gras. Look at the suggested wine pairings and a bonus offer: Chef David Guas’ recipe for Mardi Gras King Cake so you can enjoy a little bit of new Orleans at home. By the way, we also show you how you can have a little bit of Mardi Gras delivered to your door.

In the Pacific, but still in the U.S., you can read Melanie Young’s article about Ka’ana Kitchen in Maui, Hawaii. Not only will you learn about the meaning of the word ka’ana, but she also explores the cornucopia of flavors that makes this restaurant unique. Chef Chance Savell of Ka’ana Kitchen shares his Coconut Clams recipe for your enjoyment.

February is the month of romance. Melanie introduces us to some artisanal chocolatiers, the gems of the confectionary world. At the same time, David Ransom shows us how a rose can be a delightful liquid treat to please your gin connoisseur. Belle Glos Wines seduces us with an inspiring presentation, and Penny Weiss reviews Clean Slate Riesling from Mosel, rounding out our month of love.

Are you looking for a new breakfast idea? How about trying a Turkish pide? Chef Scott Conant in Phoenix, AZ, shares this recipe, inspired by his wife.

Meantime, spirits editor David Ransom introduces us to an exotic entry in canned drinks: sake. A can be an outstanding presentation for sake. I can’t wait to order some! Then, he entices us with an in-depth look at Armagnac and why you should consider it for your next wine and cheese party. If you run a restaurant, you’ll want to pay attention!

Aren’t you happy that dry January is over? Enjoy February. There are fewer days to enjoy, but they accelerate us towards spring!

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