Seafood plate from Marseille in Manhattan.
Publisher's Plate Vol. 25 No. 10

October is Resplendent in Color

The best month of the year?


Welcome to the October edition of Santé Magazine. October is, according to most polls reported by Washington PostAmerica’s favorite month of the year. Having emerged from the September rush to start a new school year, October is a month of fresher temperatures, bountiful color, and quiet before the storm prior to winter and the stressful holidays. There are no significant holidays in October unless you’re Canadian, in which case you celebrate Thanksgiving on October 11th. Or, if you’re technology-inclined, you may be celebrating Ada Lovelace’s birthday on October 14th. Ada Lovelace, for the uninitiated, was a mathematician who invented the concept of computer programming in the 19th century. Yes, the first computer programmer was a woman! Now on to some culinary topics!

The judges are now sipping for the Santé Wine & Spirits Competition! We are announcing the results next week so stay tuned!

Drew Beard heads to Kentucky to interview New Riff’s co-founder, Jay Erisman, to discuss this “whiskeyman’s” first true spirits love. Hint: it’s not whiskey.

New Riff Co-Founder Jay Erisman
Photo Courtesy of New Riff

Which country hugs the Adriatic coast and has been producing wine for 2500 years, and has the world’s oldest continuously cultivated vineyard? Italy, you say? Think Croatia! Penny Weiss gives us an in-depth review of the wine regions of Croatia, but you may have to hunt to find these wines. They are popular, and exports are limited. Nevertheless, they are worth your while.

Photo credit: Vinograd Agrolaguna

Melanie Young dives into Executive Chef Rachel Haggstrom’s kitchen at The Restaurant at JUSTIN in Paso Robles. What better autumn tour than to be surrounded by the aromas of freshly harvested vineyards, tasting some fine wine, and indulging in the culinary delights of a boutique restaurant!

Executive Chef Rachel Haggstrom

This month we welcome Virginia Distillery Co.’s in our Craft Spirits section. Drew focuses our attention on their Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Whisky.

Courage and Conviction

Chef Barbara Sibley, owner of La Palapa Cocina Mexicana in New York City, shares a Día de los Muertos recipe. Melanie reports on how Barbara celebrates the Day of the Dead.

Día de los Muertos altar Photo: La Palapa/Gabi Porter

In addition, Executive Chef Daniel Drexler for Marseille restaurant in New York City shares his recipe for bouillabaisse, a traditional Provençal fish soup. It is a delicacy that will suffuse your home with a mixture of herbal aromas and delight your guests with a healthy, flavorful soup for cooler temperatures.

Chef Daniel Drexler recommends pairing a Provence rosé with his Bouillabaisse

Enjoy October, my fellow hospitality enthusiasts! The holidays are just around the corner!

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