Restaurant Awards Nomination

Since 1997 Santé Magazine has been running the prestigious Santé Restaurant Awards. We celebrate the accomplishments of the people who strive daily to give patrons their best hospitality experience. Voted by peers in the industry, the Santé Restaurant Awards highlight the best in the industry.

We will be promoting the Santé Restaurant Awards throughout our extensive network. We will promote the Awards during the first half of 2023 and announce the winners during the second half of 2023.

Previous winners include:

Wine Professional of the Year

Evan Goldstein, Kevin Zraly, Rob Bigelow, Fred Dame, Debbie Zachareas, David Alphonse, John Blazon, Bill Edwards, Roger Dagorn, Daniel Johnnes, Madeline Triffon, Randal Caparoso

Culinary Professional of the Year

Nora Pouillon, Scott Hunnell, Gale Gand, Rick Moonen, Edward G. Leonard, Jody Adams, Charlie Palmer, Craig Shelton, Alan Wong, Michael Schlow, Bob Waggoner

Spirits Professional of the Year

Ray Srp, Francesco Lafranconi, Lucy Brennan, Michael Waterhouse, Dale DeGroff, Tony Abou-Ganim, Stephen Olson

Restaurant Awards

PRIMA, Ristorante Panorama, Charlie Trotter’s, Bacchanalia, Proof on Main, Naçional 27, Trés Agaves, Rosemary’s Restaurant, Jimmy’s, Aspen

Restaurateur of the Year

Piero Selvaggio, Wolfgang Puck, Alan Stillman


Please use this form to nominate your favorite restaurant or restaurant professional for an award. There is no charge.

We will follow up by verifying the information. Feel free to have all your friends and colleagues nominate the same entity. Winners will be chosen based on the quality of the person or establishment. Comments from nominations will help develop a strong evaluation.

Nominations will be accepted until May 31st. 2023. Results will be announced in June.

If you’re at a restaurant, and you have a great experience, nominate them for a Santé Restaurant Award! You can do it right at the restaurant from your phone. It only takes a minute, and your host will greatly appreciate the gesture.