Rhodium Forager's Gin
Recommended Reviews Spirits Vol. 26 No. 05

Rhodium Forager’s Gin

Rhodium Forager’s Gin


A herbal gin that is light on juniper but strong on locally sourced Rhode Island herbs such as elderberry, rose hips, red clover, and autumnberry. Experience elderberry and cardamom on the nose followed by a long finish filled with spices such as cinnamon and even some juniper. Enjoy Forager’s Gin as an unconventional martini or mixed in a citrus-based cocktail. It will complement and neither overpowers nor be overtaken by the citrus. As a corn-based spirit, it will satisfy those seeking a gluten-free option.

Alcohol %: 42

Country: U.S.A. 

Producer:  Rhode Island Spirits

Importer/Distributor: n/a

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