First Press Santé Magazine Tasting Room Vol. 26 No. 12

Santé Magazine Tasting Room

Our NEW Podcast


Believe it or not, Santé Magazine published its first podcast 16 years ago – alas, we were ahead of our time. But podcasts have finally arrived.

Today we are pleased to announce that we are back in the podcast business.

Host Jaime Shannon

In this, our inaugural issue of the Santé Magazine Tasting Room podcast, host Jaime Shannon introduces two new columns at Santé Magazine, Eating the Neighborhood by Chef Ric Orlando and Culinary Coffee by Jake Leonti. Jaime covers some of the December articles at Santé Magazine, and we end with a reading, by Chef Ric Orlando, of his The Feast of the Seven Fishes article and recipe.

You may play the episode by clicking below.

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We hope you enjoy this episode.

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