Publisher's Plate Vol. 26 No. 03

The Pink and Green of March

Image of sheep on a green Irish field

We start Women’s History Month with a Restaurant Profile that features Carrie Nahabedian of Brindille Restaurant in Chicago. Nahabedian was inducted into the Chicago Chefs Hall of Fame. Raised in a close Armenian-Italian family, Nahabedian developed her skills from 17, gaining the hospitality experience that taught her to focus on quality and service. Don’t miss this excellent profile and interview with Carrie.

Meanwhile, Penny Weiss introduces us to some illustrious women in wine from all over the globe. Meet some excellent winemakers that you should, without a doubt, try out.

And on the spirits side, David Ransom, our Spirits Editor, profiles Rhum Barbancourt, one of the world’s premier rums and Haiti’s largest export. He spoke with Fifth Generation family member and head of Rhum Barbancourt, Delphine Gardère, about her family’s rhums and plans for the future.

If you’re interested in a vegan version of lox and cream cheese, you need to explore Bonnie Shuman’s vegan lox and cream cheese recipe. She is the in-house executive chef at Weavers Way Co-op in eastern Pennsylvania. 

Back to wines, Penny reviews Secreto De Viu Manent Malbec 2019 from Viu Manent, a family-owned Chilean winery founded in 1935.

And David introduces us to another RTD (ready-to-drink) cocktail company. This affordable line-up is from Monaco Craft Cocktails and includes Moscow Mule, Kentucky Mule, and Classic Mai-Tai.

Celebrate the 40th year of Mozzarella Company producing premium hand-made cheese. They are the epitome of their trade! Their cheese is all hand-made and primarily by women.

Let’s not forget that St. Patrick’s day is a day to celebrate the Irishness in American culture – particularly in its love of Irish whiskies. David highlights some of the top Irish whiskies for us.

Do you like a love story? Fashion designer Vera Wang and Chopin Vodka from Poland are working on a significant collaboration, from picking the potatoes for the vodka by Vera to the bottle’s design.

Melanie debuts a new column, Fabulous Finds, introducing Oryx, dessert salt. Oryx is woman-owned and contributes profits to the dessert community, where she harvests the salt.

Finally, Lisa Steele, “Queen of the Coop,” shares her recipe for – Baked Eggs in Butternut Squash Rings in Melanie’s recipe piece.

Enjoy March. Spring is around the corner!

Featured Photo by Brian Kelly on Unsplash

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