Brockman’s is unlike most contemporary styles of gin produced today, which, in addition to the required juniper, often showcase flavor notes of dried citrus or exotic, earthy herbs and spices. Brockman’s has plenty of that, too, but the real standout flavor and aroma in this engaging, sultry gin is dark berries. Brockman’s achieves its uniquely fruit-forward palate by steeping wild blueberry and blackberry in a grain base distilled on a traditional copper pot. Add to that other flavorsome botanicals like Bulgarian coriander and Valencia orange peel and you have a complex and bright gin with a surprisingly crisp finish. Served chilled, Brockman’s is almost a cocktail on its own, but when used in a mixed drink, whether a simple Gin & Tonic or something more complex, it adds a layer of truly unique and memorable flavor.

Gold Star

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alcohol %:  40
Country:  England
Producer:  G&J Distillers
Importer/Distributor: Park Street Imports, web page:

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