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Launching the 2023 Santé Wine & Spirits Competition

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We invite you to submit your brand/s to the 2023 Santé International Wine & Spirits Competition presented by Santé Magazine. The expanded program will include WinesSpirits, and RTD beverages. Judging will be a double-blind tasting conducted by panels of industry professionals in June. Winners will be notified in July and featured in subsequent issues of Sante Magazine. Santé Magazine is read by over 200,000 food, wine, and hospitality industry professionals and enthusiasts.

How to Enter

Go to the Santé Wine & Spirits Competition page to enter. This year the entry process is streamlined so that it will take just a few minutes. Use coupon EARLYBIRD for a 10% discount.

Who We Are

Leading the industry, not just reporting on it. Santé is a magazine for restaurant professionals that operates as a dynamic link between buyer and brand. The restaurant business is tough – every decision counts. Santé dedicates itself to helping restaurateurs make the most of their business. In its 27th year, Santé provides concise, authoritative, award-winning editorials on food, beverage, equipment, and management. Santé produces content by experienced restaurant professionals who share insights and inspirations to bolster its audience’s success.

Why Enter

Winning a Santé International Wine & Spirits Competition award will spotlight your brand to decision-makers in the on-premise industry. Greater than 95% of Santé subscribers are CEOs, presidents, and managers in the hospitality industry. Our reach is amplified by social media shares and syndication via Restaurateur Connection, Apple News, and Google News, with an average monthly reach of 200,000. The mission of Santé Magazine is to report and help shape the buying trends of casual-upscale to upscale restaurants. We want to help brands spread the message to opinion leaders and influencers.


Judges are selected for their expertise in wine and spirits, including educators, writers, sommeliers, and bartenders. The identities of the judges will be revealed after the winners are announced. As noted, all judging will be conducted as double-blind tastings so neither the pourer nor the judges know what is being tasted.


An award from Santé Magazine is a badge of honor. It is recognition from judges who are your professional peers. In addition, you will gain exposure to over 200,000 restaurant professionals. All entrants receive feedback and notes from our judges, providing valuable insider information on how your products compare in the marketplace. Finally, your badge can be used to promote your brand if you win. Your brand will also be displayed in Santé Magazine.

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Suggested roles: Restaurateur (e.g. manager, owner, cook, chef, sommelier, bartender, mixologist), PR (e.g. PR agency), Producer (e.g. winery, distillery), Marketer (e.g. ad buyer), Consultant, Journalist

Suggested interests: wine, spirits, food, recipes, cocktails

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