Santé Wine & Spirit Competitions This Month Vol. 27 No. 05

Open to brands made anywhere in the world with distribution in the USA.

Reach for the Stars


Winners will be featured in the September and October 2023 issues of Santé Magazine.

Meet the 2021 Spirits, Competition winner,  Shinju Japanese Whisky

Shinju means “pearl” in Japanese, and this whisky delivers the perfect finish of a fine white pearl. Shinju Japanese Whisky is a double-distilled blend of four whiskies and pristine waters taken from the slopes of Mt. Fuji.  Aged for 2-4 years in new and mature American white oak barrels, Shinju Whisky delivers a sweeter taste and smooth finish, ideal for adventurous drinkers seeking a fine spirit to sip and savor or enjoy in a cocktail. 

Shinju Japanese Whisky is one of the premium spirits developed by Rogue Baron.  SRP: $55. Learn more by visiting Rogue Baron.

What our judges had to say, 

Very nice, sweet oak, lovely finish, subtle spices, perfect balance.

Enter your brand here.

Deadline: June 15, 2023.

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Suggested roles: Restaurateur (e.g. manager, owner, cook, chef, sommelier, bartender, mixologist), PR (e.g. PR agency), Producer (e.g. winery, distillery), Marketer (e.g. ad buyer), Consultant, Journalist

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