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Preparing for Celebrations

As the days shorten, curl up with your iPad and the latest Santé Magazine.


We are about to enter Thanksgiving month, a month where most of us in North America revert to standard time, cooler temperatures prevail, and holiday shopping kicks in. Unfortunately, restaurant news from the front of the house points to frayed nerves due to rude customers, staffing shortages, delivery interruptions, and the list goes on. I get it, we all want to go back to whatever felt routine before the pandemic, but that will take time. In the interim, let’s practice some much-needed kindness and patience, particularly with your restaurant server. Remember, they are your server – not your serf.

I just returned from Canadian Thanksgiving, which is a month earlier than our U.S. version, and experienced what I can describe as normalcy with masks. The Quebec population is 90% vaccinated, but masks are mandated. The Metro (subway) was busy, restaurants were hopping, and people were bustling in the streets. Getting vaccinated and wearing a mask in public doesn’t sound like too bad of a compromise when you consider the upside. I haven’t had a common cold in two years, so masking at the gym and public places does have its advantages. It also adds to your privacy. It’s like wearing headphones in public; I can’t hear you, so don’t talk to me. Similarly, you can’t see my entire face so please give me some personal space.

We have more great content for you this month. First, we are rolling out the background information of the biggest winners from the Santé Wine and Spirits Competition. You can see the complete list of wine winners here and spirit winners here

Santé Competition Winners
Santé Competition Winners

As you prepare for the holidays, what should you buy for your favorite people? 

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You should also check out our wine and spirit reviews for beverage recommendations. We only review great products, giving them either a “Recommended” or a “Gold Star” designation. Click here for all reviews.

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Decanter in the Santé Marketplace

This month on Santé Magazine, we are looking at some French Whiskies in Distillations. Whiskey may not be the first thing you think of when you consider French libations, but you may want to reconsider after reading this article by Drew Beard.

Penny Weiss has teleported once more to the lush German countryside, this time delving into German Sparkling Wines. This holiday, you may indeed want to reconsider your habits and purchase a German sparkling wine. Maybe you’ll get lucky and have some Sekt?

Ernie Loosen

In Restaurant Profile Melanie Young introduces us to Chef Jonathon Sawyer as he delivers the “Razzle Dazzle” at Chicago’s Adorn Bar & Restaurant.

In Chef’s Seminar, she reports on Tarte de Mentone, a Pissaladière. Mentone restaurant in California is a French-Italian Riviera-inspired casual restaurant owned by David Kinch, also the owner and executive chef of Michelin’s three-star-rated Manresa in Los Gatos, California.

Deborah Grossman’s California restaurant review on Empress by Boon is a delightful voyage into one of San Francisco’s most fascinating destination Cantonese restaurants.

Empress by Boon Chef Boon by the kitchen
Photo Credit: Deborah Grossman

Don’t forget to visit our Craft Spotlight to see what is new in craft spirits. New this week is a highlight of Virginia Distillery’s American Single Malt whiskey.

Ehret Family Winery won big in the Santé Wine Competition. See why Penny gave them a Gold Star for their Red Wine.

Don’t forget to check on us often. New articles and features, such as The Dozen by Roger Morris, are published every week.

We are conducting an audience survey and are very pleased with the feedback we are receiving. Ninety-seven percent of our readers give our articles the highest rating. Our new ad format is universally accepted as non-intrusive, and we are seeing click-through rates that far exceed the industry average. When asked what you like about Santé Magazine, here are a few comments that our wonderful readers left us.

I enjoy seeing all the trends in cocktails! So many clever and creative libations! Also like The Dozen, focusing on wines. LOVE the photos … The more the better.

Lush imagery and good, solid, thoughtful writing. Also, you cut a wide swath between all things good to eat and drink, and the travel involved to enjoy them.

Have a great November and remember to be kind to one another – especially to the hard-working and often under-appreciated folks in hospitality.

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