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Santé Magazine Tasting Room Vol. 27 No. 01

Santé Tasting Room – Cultivated Caviar

Cultivated Caviar Will Provide a More Sustainable (and Affordable) Way to Indulge


This Santé Magazine podcast for January highlights what you may have missed in Santé Magazine. At the end of this introduction, we will feature a story from our new column, Future Foods. The article Cultivated Caviar Will Provide a More Sustainable (and Affordable) Way to Indulge, by Ashlen Wilder is read to you so you can enjoy it while traveling.

We are excited about 2023. We deliver quality monthly editions by some of the best restaurateurs and journalists in the industry. This year we are planning our third consecutive wine and spirits competition, renamed the Santé Product Awards, celebrating some of the best beverages in the industry; we are restarting our fabulous Santé Restaurant Awards, celebrating the people that make restaurants great, and we may even deliver a print edition featuring the best of Santé Magazine!

Last month we introduced two new columns, Eating the Neighborhood by Ric Orlando and Culinary Coffee by Jake Leonti. In Eating the Neighborhood, this month Ric describes how he invigorated his restaurant in January by introducing July in January. Not only did the strategy work, but it led to some excellent restaurant creativity. 

This month Jake talks about the complexity of tasting coffee. Did you know that coffee has a more complex flavor profile than wine? He introduces some strategies for learning to appreciate coffee’s rich flavors, including a video.

New columns this month are Future Foods by Ashlen Wilder and The Wine Stylist by Rupal Shankar. Future Foods will focus on innovations in the food itself. This month Ashley covers cultivated caviar. This is caviar that was grown entirely in a lab!  

In The Wine Stylist, Rupal will take us on journeys that explore wine, travel, and culture. She reports on 12 wines for winter.

Also, this month is Wine and Water, where Pam Strayer discusses wine-themed cruises. And in Saving the American Restaurant, Paul Sorgule discusses the eight key elements to help restaurants thrive in today’s environment.

Stay tuned for even more. Roger Morris continues his very popular column and will have a special guest on another May I Quote You. We have a few more stories coming soon, not to mention our weekly news and reviews.

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And now, please listen to Cultivated Caviar Will Provide a More Sustainable (and Affordable) Way to Indulge, by Ashlen Wilder, read by Ashlen Wilder.

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