Gold Star Reviews Spirits Vol. 27 No. 04

Snow Tequila Cristalino Reposado


Snow Tequila Cristalino Reposado is a true delight for tequila lovers looking for a smooth and flavorful experience. The six-month aging process in white oak barrels previously used for bourbon and red and white wine adds a unique flavor to the rich and mineral-rich agave plants grown at the foot of Volcán de Tequila.

Upon tasting, one immediately notices the gentle agave aroma, which is not overpowering or pungent but rather inviting. The tequila sits on the palate like a sweet dessert, making it perfect for sipping neat or as an ingredient in cocktails.

I would recommend serving Snow Tequila Cristalino Reposado chilled or over ice to bring out the full flavor notes of the tequila. It also pairs well with citrus-based mixers like lime or grapefruit juice to create a refreshing and balanced cocktail.

For a simple yet elegant cocktail, try mixing Snow Tequila Cristalino Reposado with fresh lime juice and a splash of triple sec for a classic Margarita. Or, for a more complex flavor profile, mix with ginger beer and lime juice for a spicy yet refreshing Tequila Mule.

Overall, Snow Tequila Cristalino Reposado is a top-notch tequila perfect for any occasion. Its smoothness and unique flavor make it a must-try for any tequila enthusiast, and its versatility in cocktails makes it a great addition to any bar.

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