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The Santé International Wine & Spirits highlight the premier wine and spirits products that the in-premise market will enjoy. And this year we have added RTD as a category.

An award from Santé Magazine is a badge of honor. It is recognition from judges who are your professional peers. In addition, you will gain exposure to over 150,000 restaurant professionals. All entrants receive feedback and notes from our judges, providing valuable insider information on how your products compare in the marketplace. Finally, if you win, your badge can be used to promote your brand. Your brand will also be displayed in Santé Magazine.

Judges are selected for their expertise in wine and spirits, including educators, writers, sommeliers, and bartenders. The identities of the judges will be revealed after the winners are announced. All judging will be conducted as blind tastings.

In addition, winners will be highlighted in post-event feature articles on Santé Magazine.

Go here for more details and to enter.

Don’t miss Features, Reviews, News, and Recipes from top Restaurants and Wine & Spirits Producers!

Suggested roles: Restaurateur (e.g. manager, owner, cook, chef, sommelier, bartender, mixologist), PR (e.g. PR agency), Producer (e.g. winery, distillery), Marketer (e.g. ad buyer), Consultant, Journalist

Suggested interests: wine, spirits, food, recipes, cocktails

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