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Get a Powerful Bot for your Website

Educate Your Customers & Promote


Readers, I’d like to introduce you to our latest product. You will want to continue reading if you produce a wine, food, or spirits product.

A Company Representative 

Imagine if every customer could have a live conversation with the perfect company representative –  someone who flawlessly knows your product, can up-sell and cross-sell, and can answer most questions. Imagine an intelligent assistant displaying videos, responding to questions, and improving customer satisfaction!

The Status Quo

The status quo is websites chock full of hard-to-find content, customer forums with confusing information, expensive live chat representatives, and not meeting your customers’ needs!

Meet Charlotte

Using the latest artificial intelligence technology, Charlotte is an intelligent entity that gets smarter every day. Your bot is customizable with your content, image, and personality. It can be embedded on any Web site and is mobile-friendly.

It’s Easy!

Knowledge Avatar bots are unlike any other bot! Knowledge Avatars practically program themselves! 

You add product knowledge via our easy-to-use form-based interface, and the bot automatically learns from it. The more content you add, the smarter it gets!

You do not need to hire expensive specialists. Your in-house staff adds content using our template, and you are good to go!


Your robot representative will cost you just $1.00 an hour.

More Info

Don’t hesitate to contact me here if you’d like to see more.

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