Distillations Recommended Vol. 25 No. 04

NEFT Vodka

Vodka in a barrel


NEFT is made in Austria using four different local rye types. Distillation occurs in the Austrian Alps with Alpine spring water. Packaged in a unique oil-barrel metal container, you wonder what the message is? Is this a vodka to be enjoyed on rugged oil fields, or is it a better use of oil barrels than to contain oil? Actually, it pays homage to the founders’ Siberian grandfather, an oil prospector.

Gentle on the nose with very slight hints of vanilla. Neft is distinctively creamy with no alcohol burn. It delivers mild pepper on the palate with a long, smooth finish, making an excellent martini.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alcohol %: 40
Country:  Austria 
Producer:  NEFT Vodka
Importer/Distributor: NEFT Vodka USA, web page:

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