Vol. 26 No. 07

Puerto Strawberry Sangria


5 oz. Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin

1 bottle (750ml) Chilled Rose Wine

8-12 oz. Club Soda or Lemon/Lime soda to taste   

Fresh Sliced Strawberries and Lemons


Add the Puerto de Indias Gin and the chilled rosé wine to a pitcher filled with ice. Top with the soda and stir to combine. Add the fresh strawberry and lemon slices and stir gently to integrate. Enjoy! 

Juan Miguel Perez-Ilzarbe, International Development Director for Puerto de Indias commented, “Flavored spirits are the preference when it comes to cocktails. Recent research shows consumers are increasingly looking for berry flavors (48%, up 4% over 2020), as well as flavors that are refreshing (46%, up 3% over 2020) and fruity (42%, up 3% on 2020). Out of these, strawberry flavors are the clear category leader, with 42% of consumers reporting they choose it when having a cocktail. Puerto De Indias, the original strawberry gin and the ‘Spirit of Spain’ is made with real strawberries and is perfectly suited to current consumer trends.” 

Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin – the gin that inspired a whole new category – is the only gin made with distilled fresh strawberries, setting it apart from others that add flavor after distillation. The result is a fresh and delicious, authentic fruit forward taste that breaks the preconceived barriers of gin and is perfect for any summertime celebration. Professional and at home bartenders can create amazing and visually stunning cocktails with ease using Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin and just a few basic ingredients. 

For more delicious Puerto de Indias cocktail recipes, visit: https://ginpuertodeindias.com/en/strawberries-gin/

Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin is available in select markets throughout the US. It retails for a suggested price of $26.99/750ml bottle.

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About Puerto de Indias

Puerto de Indias is the leading Premium gin brand of the Strawberry Gins segment in Spain, and the pioneer in creating the first fresh strawberry gin bringing with it a revolution of flavor and a new way of consuming gin.

It is produced in Carmona (Seville), in one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries in Andalusia. Its name is related to the discovery of America, a period in which Seville became one of the main ports for exchange of goods between Spain and the New World.

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