Restaurant Profile This Month Vol. 27 No. 11


Brooklyn's latest gem in the culinary scene.


Saturday night was an incredible experience at SoulBK, Brooklyn’s latest gem in the culinary scene. This amazingly soulful restaurant with American New Orleans Creole Cuisine boasts a vibrant setting with a main floor for delightful live music and a more intimate, atmospheric lounge below. The décor effortlessly shifts from bright and sunny during brunch to a darker, moody ambiance for late-night gatherings – it’s a dynamic space.

Entertainment is a staple here, and I was treated to an amazing performance by the Michael LeMorin Afro Caribbean Jazz Quintet. Their jazz pieces perfectly matched the 20s theme and had everyone on their feet dancing at the Gatsby-themed birthday party.

Kevin Walters, the lead and managing partner, and his working partners orchestrate a seamless experience. The culinary journey was a delight, especially the blackened salmon stuffed with shrimp scampi over garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus – a true culinary masterpiece.

Blackened salmon stuffed with shrimp scampi over garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus

Vincent and Sosa expertly handled the bar. Their cocktails were divine; Sosa’s Old Fashioned was a treat, while Vincent’s rum-infused concoctions, especially the “Rum Punch” and “Highway to Hell,” were a highlight. They offered a delightful contrast in flavors, and Vincent’s guidance through the tasting was impeccable.

What truly set this experience apart was the warm and inclusive atmosphere at SoulBK. The diverse guests, primarily leaning toward an African-American demographic, made everyone feel incredibly welcome. As a Caucasian visitor, I was pleasantly surprised by the open and embracing reception. It was a beautiful showcase of cultural hospitality that transcends boundaries. We laughed, dined, and even danced together, savoring the soulful essence of the place.

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  1. Kathleen

    I 100% agree with this article. It describes SOUL BK perfectly. I was a guest at this event and I have to say the food was amazing. The steak was perfectly done to medium as I requested and so tender and flavorful. The chef is great and taking advantage of a fabulous kitchen.

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