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Spirit Importer Gets Knighted

A Heavenly Night for Christine Cooney

Portfolio Tasting, French Library Boston

(LAKEVILLE, MA – October 26, 2023) – In medieval France a lady knight was known as a Chevalière. On October 23, Christine Cooney, the cofounder and CEO of Heavenly Spirits Imports, which specializes in showcasing and selling French spirits in the United States, was made a knight of the Ordre du Mérite Agricole at a ceremony in Boston.

The ceremony was conducted by the honorable Mr. Mustafa Soykurt, Consul General of France in Boston, during the same event where Christine, along with her husband and partner, Daniel Cooney, were hosting a full portfolio tasting event at the French Library in Boston, celebrating the 15 years Heavenly Spirits has been in business.

When asked what the medal meant to her, Christine said, “This medal acknowledges the hard work and dedication I have proudly given to the French gastronomic and agricultural way of life that I was raised in before moving to the United States. It also feels like a very positive pat on the back for the life I’ve chosen to live and the family I’ve raised with my husband over the past 30 years. I appreciate the recognition very much. My parents and grandparents would have been proud.”

“Your merits are great, dear Christine. You have contributed to the education and promotion of French spirits in the United States for more than 30 years. Heavenly Spirit is celebrating its 15th year of activity in the United States and is one of, if not the largest importer of Armagnac in the country.”-Mustafa Soykurt, Consul General, Boston”I would like to share this distinction with our wonderful Heavenly Spirits team. They work hard every day, helping us spread our love for the authentic quality of our French spirits.”-Christine Cooney, Chevalière

“The celebration and tasting had been planned for several months in advance,” said Dan when asked about the medal his wife was awarded, “but we only received the announcement of the award and knighthood a few weeks prior, so it just made sense to combine the two related events,” he added. Over one hundred guests, including industry partners, family, and friends, attended the tasting and witnessed the presentation of the award. Most of the ceremony was conducted in the French language by the Consul General, who shared the story of what led to Christine’s nomination and qualifications for the prestigious award, and how various agents, both in the US and in France, backed the work she is credited with for her promotion of French agriculture and gastronomic savoir-faire. Mr. Soykurt also recounted a story he had learned about Christine, crediting the influence of her grandfather for fostering her passion in the industry of French spirits.

In Christine’s acceptance speech, which she delivered both in French and in English, she acknowledged her grandfather’s influence, mentioning how he gave her a little taste of Armagnac when she was a young girl, and she liked it. She also credited her father and husband for their support in following her passion for French spirits and her belief that the smaller producers were the heart and soul of French agriculture. Finally, she thanked all the Heavenly Spirit’s suppliers, customers, and staff for their continued support. 

Heavenly Spirits is a leading national importer of exceptional French spirits founded in 2008, specializing in award-winning distilled spirits from France, including Armagnac, Calvados, Cognac, Absinthe, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whisky and various liqueurs. The company has been the number one importer of Armagnac (in volume) in the U.S. since 2009. The Heavenly Spirits portfolio is currently represented in thirty-eight U.S. states. 

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