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The Dozen – Drinking Pink

Rosés are on a diet - lean, light, with lots of food-loving citrusy flavors.


If there is a trend in rosés – other than everyone now making one – it is that there are fewer sweeter blushes, even in areas that traditionally produced bigger, fruitier, darker-color pinks. So does this mean that everyone is trying to emulate Provence? Possibly, and to my palate, the tendency for more citrus notes and crisper finishes is a good thing.

We have a selection of nice ones here, from $13 to $38, hailing from France, Italy, and the U.S., followed by two crisp and refreshing white wines.

2020 Masseria Li Veli “Primerose” Salento Negroamaro Rosato ($13). Light with lemon-lime notes and good, food-loving acidity.

2020 Garofoli “Kòmaros” Marche Rosato ($14). Lean, refreshing with lots of citrus and a little spritz that kicks in at the finish.

2020 Scaia Veneto Rosato ($14). Lean and refreshing with piquant flavors of cherries and strawberries.

2019 The Prisoner “Unshackled” California Rosé ($21). Clean, light berry flavors with a hint of cream and a long finish.

2020 Masseria Li Veli ‘Askos’ Susumaniello Rosato Salento IGT ($21). Light in body, firm in flavors of orange and other citrus with a nice bit of whey/cheese in the end.

2020 Peyrassol “Cuvée des Commandeurs” Côtes de Provence Rosé ($24). Almost clear-colored with a lovely strawberry-citrus nose and flavors within a light, lively, tangy structure.

2020 Gehricke Los Carneros Rosé ($26). Tart citrus flavors and a light body.

2020 Peyrassol “Le Clos Peyrassol” Côtes de Provence Rosé ($36). Light body with delightful, complex flavors of strawberries, cream, and honeycomb.

2020 Peyrassol “Chateau Peysrassol” Côtes de Provence Rosé ($37). Snow-cone aromas, light on the palate with a concentrated tanginess that fades slightly just as we’re warming up to it.

2020 Inman “Endless Crush” Russian River Valley Rosé of Pinot Noir ($38). Very lively and refreshing with a combination of strawberry and citrus flavors with crisp acidity.

And finally…

2019 E. Guigal Côtes du Rhone Blanc ($15). Lots of floral notes with good acidity to balance.

2020 Dog Point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ($21). A little gamey with piquant green fruits and a touch of fruity oils.

Prices listed are generally SRP or from As more wineries are now shipping direct-to-consumer, check the winery website if you can’t find a bottle in your retail store.

Feature photo credit: Inman Family Wines

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